Why Choose DSPM?

Choose us for our experience, expertise, resources, and dedication to maximizing your investment.

Topping a quarter century in experience, DSPM has seen, survived, and thrived through the many changes in real estate and property management that the Greater Toronto Area (and Canada at large) has seen since the 1980’s.

In that time, DSPM learned how to manage properties in a way that truly serves our clients who trust us with some of their most valuable assets–and how to apply our expertise and resources to ensure that their investments are maximized to their fullest.

By bringing together a team of dedicated property management professionals with state-of-the-art technology and a likeminded drive for going beyond the expectations of both our clients and their tenants, DSPM has earned a reputation for being a leader in property management in the Greater Toronto Area–a reputation we strive to uphold with each and every client.

Our mission is to increase our clients’ investments by upholding excellent environments for their tenants. We invite you to see how we do that–just contact us and we’ll show you why DSPM is the right choice for all your property management needs.